Journey along the South Coast of Iceland to relish in many wonderful waterfalls, the first stop on our journey south is Seljandlandsfoss, this beauty drops from 60m high and is fed by Eyjafjallajökull glacier, how many of you have took a walk behind a waterfall? Seljalandsfoss has a guided path to be able to capture a moment behind this waterfall that you will never forget.

This stop will be of interest to everyone, looking straight on to our Eyjafjalljökull, this tiny volcano was responsible for stopping air traffic across the globe in 2010. Learn the history of this area, and how the 2010 eruption effected the locals, farms, wildlife and nature.

One of the biggest or rather tallest waterfalls in the country, along with being one of the most popular, particularly in pop culture recently. This stunning attraction also drops from 60m high and you can walk up to the top to take a birds eye view across the Skógar area. Be aware, this area is known for homing trolls and mischievous characters.

Sólheimajökull glacier is the tongue that runs off of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, and believe it or not this huge glacier is covering the mighty Katla volcano, that is very much active, but don’t worry it hasn’t erupted since 1918. Marvel at it's beauty from the edge of the glacier, just close enough to give it a kiss. 


Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach & Vík

Not to be missed when in Iceland the black sand beach surrounded by giant basalt rock columns, watch the vigourous waves crashing in from the Atlantic. Keep a look out for trolls!
You can enjoy leisure time in the town of Vík, where there is plenty options to enjoy stunning views, historic churches and relax in the summer sun. 

After an action-packed day of waterfalls, trolls, glaciers, folklore tales and history you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride back to Reykjavík under our panoramic roof.

ATH: 4 pax minimum is required in order for this tour to operate.

Included: Pick up and drop off service from Reykjavik Hotels/Guest houses · Free WiFi, USB and power outlets · Expert Local driver/guide ·  Hot Drinks & Treats · Icelandic Glacier Bottled Water · Max 16 passengers · Luxury minibus with panoramic roof.

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